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Seven Favorite Essential Oils

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the first day of 7 Favorites in 7 Days! Today, I am going to show you my seven favorite essential oils to use! I purchase my oils from Plant Therapy, which is a company in Idaho. Their oils are 100% pure and their shipping is always free. It usually arrives quickly… Continue reading Seven Favorite Essential Oils

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Seven Favorites, Seven Days

Starting tomorrow, July 9, I am going to be spending all week listing some of my favorite things! Each day, I will share seven things that I love to use, wear, or eat! I would love for you to comment on my posts with some of your own favorites! Each day, I am going to… Continue reading Seven Favorites, Seven Days

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The Abyss of Unfinished Craft Projects

The other day, I went to find something in my craft closet. I do not even remember what I was looking for. But what I discovered was a graveyard of unfinished craft projects! I love to do crafts. I especially like crocheting goodies. I have this problem with starting something, thinking it is just the… Continue reading The Abyss of Unfinished Craft Projects