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Seven Favorite Picnic Foods

Sadly, today is the last day of my Seven Favorites, Seven Days series. It’s been a blast writing these lists, and I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Yesterday, we went to a picnic that friends of ours host every summer. It’s a great time to talk to people we only see once in a blue moon!

And the food! Oh the food! There is so much food, and such a large variety! So today, I thought I would write about my seven favorite picnic foods! I will warn you, they are not all healthy!

You can check out my my YouTube channel to see a video of the spread of food from today’s festivities.

1. Deviled Eggs


My parents brought deviled eggs to the party. I may be slightly biased, but my dad makes the best deviled eggs ever! I would call the recipe a family secret. I will, however, tell you that there is no sugar in the recipe, so the filling has no sweetness to it. They are nice and sour, which is what makes them so good! Apparently everyone else thought so too, because they were eaten within the first hour of being there!

2. Buffalo Chicken Dip

For someone who does not like very spicy foods, I sure do enjoy buffalo chicken dip! I think the creaminess against the pieces of chicken, mixed with the heat of the hot sauce makes the perfect combination!

3. Bologna and Cheese Tray


This may seem simple. But cheese has been one of my favorite foods since I was a little girl! It is so simple to just grab a few cheese cubes to snack on throughout the day. At this party, the hostess got a few rings of garlic and regular bologna from a local butcher, Troutman Brothers Meats. At other picnics, we usually have venison bologna and venison sweet sticks, either made by my husband or another local butcher, Snyder’s Meat Processing.

4. Fruit Salad


So often, I find myself eating too much food and too many sweets at picnics! So having a nice, refreshing, light fruit salad around is a great contrast to everything else I am drawn to.

5. Broccoli Salad

My mom makes some great broccoli salad! She uses freshly grated cheese and fresh cooked bacon with a vinegar and sugar sauce (plus a few other ingredients). The broccoli is covered, but it is never swimming in the sauce.

6. Vegetables and Dip


I know this sounds simple, but carrots and Hidden Valley Ranch dip hit the spot! I do not eat veggies with dip very often. I usually just eat them plain. So eating some carrots with dip is a special treat!

7. Black Bottom Cupcakes


I rarely get to eat black bottom cupcakes, so they are a special treat at picnics! Black bottom cupcakes are chocolate cupcakes with a dollop of cream cheese mixture and chocolate chips in the middle with no icing. They make a great ending to a picnic meal!

There you have it, folks! My last Seven Favorites, Seven Days list!

If you have a favorite picnic food that you like to make or enjoy, please feel free to comment on this post! Or, post a picture on Instagram or Facebook using #7favs7days! And if, at any time, you reread any of these lists and want to post a picture, go right ahead!

Thank you for reading along with me this week! I hope you continue to follow me in other blogging adventures!

2 thoughts on “Seven Favorite Picnic Foods

  1. I love picnic food as well !! I particularly love baked beans❤️ Eveyone tends to have their own little recipe for them and it is always fun and delicious to try them all.

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