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Seven Favorite Farmers’ Market Purchases

Every Friday, our local farmers’ market opens and people from all over the area flood the stands, buying fresh produce, meat, and so much more! We call it “the auction” because every Friday evening a local auctioneer holds an auction in a room off to the side.


Today when we went, it was cloudy and raining on and off. Half of the farmers’ market is outside, and half is inside a large building, with the majority of the produce stands being outside. My mom and I go to the farmers’ market every Friday. We usually walk through the whole building before we come back outside and start purchasing produce.

There are so many vendors at “the auction!” There are cake and donut stands, a few butcher shops, farm fresh eggs, various knick-knacks, baseball cards, and several produce stands.


While I purchase some different things each week, I tried to choose my seven favorites for today’s post!

1. Bananas


Now, I realize that no one in our area is able to grow bananas on their farm! But there is a stand that always has bananas for a very low price. And at the end of the night, if they have a lot of bananas left over, they sell them for $1 per plastic shopping bag full!

2. Kiwi


Again, no one anywhere near where we live grows kiwi fruits. But I have eaten a kiwi everyday for lunch for many years, and I do not intend to stop now!

3. Broccoli


I did not buy any broccoli today because the heads in our garden are nearly ready to be picked. But almost every other week, I buy a head or two of broccoli to roast for suppers.


When I was taking pictures of the cauliflower (which looked amazing today, but I still had some left over from last week) and broccoli today, the owner of Kenny Stehr & Sons Farms attempted to photobomb my picture. The surrounding shoppers and I got a chuckle!

4. Carrots


Like kiwi, I also eat carrots everyday for lunch. It is sometimes tricky to find locally grown carrots, so I do not always buy them from local farms. And there are weeks when I really do not feel like peeling and chopping carrots, so I just buy a bag of baby carrots!

5. Apples

We have a local orchard, K. Schlegel Fruit Farms, that uses no pesticides on their fruit. They grow all different varieties of apples, and they are the most delicious around! These are my favorite apples to use in pies and applesauce.

6. Peaches


K. Schlegel Fruit Farms also grows peaches.  (This picture is not their peaches!)  They brought their first harvest of peaches to the farmers’ market a week or two ago. They are cling peaches for now, but as the season progresses, they will have freestone peaches to bring to market. My mom and I can peaches about every two years, and this is the year to can them. We always get a basket of peach seconds from this particular orchard.

7. Strawberries


There is no fruit quite as delicious as fresh, locally grown strawberries! This year, all of the local strawberries I have purchased came from Kenny Stehr & Sons Farm. I used some of the strawberries to make a strawberry pie for a picnic, and we ate a bunch just plain.

We are fortunate to have all these great fresh foods at our fingertips. It not only provides an opportunity to buy healthy foods at very reasonable prices, we also often bump into friends and family to chat with. It is just an all-around enjoyable atmosphere!

Do you visit any local farmers’ markets? What are some of your favorite things to purchase at farmers’ markets? Feel free to comment and share! Also, post a picture of your favorite farmers’ market finds on Instagram (@herruralhighness) or Facebook (herruralhighness12) using #7favs7days!

Tomorrow is the last day of Seven Favorites, Seven Days. My post will probably be later than 7:00 p.m. EST, but be sure to check it out when it is published! Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Seven Favorite Farmers’ Market Purchases

  1. I love the local auction as well! I purchase those large sweet carrots almost every other week and take them and peel and chop them and freeze them in separate bags to steam for suppers. I also take one and finely chop it up so I ac throw in soups, stews, etc. at the last minute without all the fuss! Loving your daily blog!

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  2. I never knew why they called it the auction!
    I once bought an entire 40lb box of bananas for $5! I gave a lot away and made a ton of banana muffins to freeze.
    I like to get the 50lb bags of potatoes there. We go through a lot of potatoes! I love Schlegel’s fruit as well.

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