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Seven Favorite Essential Oils

Happy Sunday! Welcome to the first day of 7 Favorites in 7 Days! Today, I am going to show you my seven favorite essential oils to use!


I purchase my oils from Plant Therapy, which is a company in Idaho. Their oils are 100% pure and their shipping is always free. It usually arrives quickly too! Their prices are very reasonable. The only thing is, they do not recommend ingesting their oils. If you already purchase oils elsewhere, that is perfectly fine by me!

These are not necessarily in order of importance.


1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree (or Melaluca) oil has so many antifungal and antibacterial properties. These make it perfect for all kinds of cleaning uses! I use tea tree in my homemade kitchen & bathroom cleaner (a post on how to make it is coming soon!), face wash, and sometimes hand soap. I also put 2 drops in my dishwater every time I wash dishes. It makes the dishes seem even more squeaky clean. This oil is also good for things such as foot fungus. Put a few drops of tea tree oil into a carrier oil, such as coconut oil, and rub it on the affected area.  Tea tree oil is also helpful in managing head lice.


2. Lemongrass Oil

I use lemongrass oil mainly in my homemade insect repellent. It works well at preventing mosquito bites. Occasionally, I diffuse lemongrass in the house to get rid of odors. Once, when we had a picnic, I brought my diffuser into the garage where the food table was, and diffused lemongrass and citronella oils to try to keep insects away from the food. I will say, we did not have tons of bugs crawling around the food, although I do not know if it can be attributed to the diffuser blend or just the year we are having.


3. DiGiZen

DiGiZen is a synergy oil. That just means Plant Therapy came up with a blend of oils to promote digestive health and bottled the blend so customers do not need to make their own. It contains oils such as peppermint, fennel, and ginger root. I used to put about three drops of fractionated coconut oil in my hand and then put two drops of DiGiZen with it and rub it on my stomach if I wasn’t feeling the best. I recently filled a roller ball container with coconut oil and DiGiZen so that I can just roll it right onto my belly and not need to worry about diluting it.


4. Lavender

Lavender oil smells amazing! It is probably the most popular oil for helping people to relax. I put lavender in so many of my oil mixtures. I put a few drops in my kitchen & bathroom cleaner, bug spray, and sometimes hand soap. Lavender does well in a diffuser too.

I also have this after sun spray that I made. At the beginning of summer, my skin is fair and I burn rather easily. So, I found a recipe from my sister-in-law’s sister for this after sun spray. She put a few drops of lavender and peppermint in a witch hazel and water mixture. I spray that on my pink skin when I come back inside from being in the sun. It has seemed to help sooth the burns! The lavender is soothing to the skin.


5. Peppermint

My first advice for peppermint oil is not to get it in your eyes! It burns!

I carry a roller bottle of peppermint around in my purse with me. I do not get headaches very frequently, but once in a while one will sneak up on me. It is nice to have with me to rub on my temples just in case. I wrap electrical tape around the lid so that it doesn’t leak in my purse!

I have been using a lot of peppermint lately in an ant spray I mixed up. It is simply peppermint oil and distilled water. We have been getting a few ants in our kitchen (for the first time ever), and it is nice to have this peppermint spray to kind of keep them at bay. It doesn’t get rid of all of them, but if I spray around the stove and on the counters a couple times each day, it seems to keep most of the ants out of our house.

For different recipes, I may put peppermint oil in hand soap. I also like to diffuse it in the mornings with lemon and orange to uplift and energize myself. It also provides a nice cooling effect on sunburned skin when mixed in my after sun spray.


6. Relax

Relax is also a synergy designed by Plant Therapy. This is by far my favorite smelling oil. The blend includes lavender, marjoram, and patchouli oils. I love to diffuse this blend at the end of a long day.

I also like this oil to rub on tense muscles. My husband’s job is stressful and he sits at a computer a lot during the day. He carries his stress in his back and shoulders, and when it gets bad, he asks me to rub oils on his back. This is my go-to. If I rub this on his back at night, his muscles have usually loosened by the morning.


7. Lemon

I use lemon oil in many of my cleaning products. I put lemon in my kitchen & bathroom cleaner, window cleaning spray, and sometimes in hand soap. It has a bright, uplifting scent. I like to diffuse it in the mornings when I wake up.

I put three drops of lemon oil on a scarf I wore to work one day. Big mistake! One drop would have been sufficient. Instead, I smelled like a Fruity Pebble almost all morning! It was a good idea, the follow through was just a little weak!

I would love to hear about your favorite essential oils to use! Feel free to comment on this post! Also, you can follow me on Instagram (@herruralhighness) and Twitter (@RuralHighness) and use #7favs7days to join in the conversation!  Or head on over to my YouTube channel (Her Rural Highness) to check out a short video about these oils!

Look for my next 7 favorites tomorrow evening at 7:00 EST!

3 thoughts on “Seven Favorite Essential Oils

  1. Got my first order of essential oils yesterday! Ordered from plant therapy and it arrived in 2 days! Ready to try the big spray as the mosquitos love me!!


  2. I am so intimidated by the whole essential oil thing. It is confusing!!! Also, I am allergic to witch hazel and a lot of flowers, so it complicates things even more. This list is helpful, because I have lavender and tea tree, but don’t know which other ones are most useful.

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