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Homemade Essential Oil Face Wash

It seems to be that everything made with essential oils in our house is running out at once! So part of my morning was spent refilling soap dispensers! I also ran out of face wash. I purchased a face wash with essential oils in it from a company previously, but after reading down the list of ingredients, I thought I would give it a try of my own!


I would consider myself to have oily/combination skin. So, I did a little research about which essential oils are good for the skin, and which are beneficial to oily skin. I also just read through the list of ingredients on the bottle and dug out the ones I had in my cabinet. And some of the essential oil bottles even said right on them that they promoted healthy skin (tea tree, frankincense, pink grapefruit, and rosemary).


I reused the old bottle of face wash, because, why not? The bottle holds 4 ounces, but I decided to only fill half, since this was my first time making face wash. So, I filled almost half of the bottle with aloe vera gel that I purchased from Plant Therapy.

I then proceeded to add my oils to the bottle. I put in six drops each of tea tree, lavender, pink grapefruit, frankincense, rosemary, and sweet orange.


Next, I put in 25 drops of Clear Complex oil. This is a carrier oil specifically formulated to nourish oily skin. It contains grapeseed, hemp seed, evening primrose, and vitamin E oils.

I finished off the mixture with a quick squirt of castile soap, just to add a little bit of suds to the face wash.


As you can see in the picture, everything is separated! It looks a little like a model of the layers of the earth! I twisted the lid on and gave it a good shake. I was not sure that the aloe gel mixed with the soap and oils properly, so I took a plastic knife and gave it a stir just in case. The consistency looked really nice, just like any regular face wash!


I used it this morning to wash my face. It smelled good, the texture was nice, and it left my face feeling fresh and clean!

Do you make your own face wash mixtures? If so, I would love to hear about them! And if you do not, and you are up for an adventure, give it a try! Let us know what fun and creative essential oil goodies you come up with!


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