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Family Trip to Knoebels

Over this holiday weekend, my entire family was able to be in the same state! That does not happen often, as I have siblings scattered across three different states, while my parents and my husband and I live fifteen minutes from each other. So, my mom planned for us to all meet at Knoebels Amusement Park. (The “K” is actually pronounced in the name. Weird, right?)


It is a little bit of a haul for us to get to Knoebels, but it is not terrible. We played miniature golf together. (My dad beat everyone by a mile, and me…well, I came in last.) We rode a few rides, the roller coaster enthusiasts in the bunch got their fix, and we ate some ice cream!


As a kid, we used to go maybe once or twice a summer, many times for a family reunion. We still try to get there about once per summer. The funny thing is I can still hear the radio advertisements for the park, even though I do not think they play them anymore: “Fun, food, and fantasy, Knoebels Amusement Resort!”


Probably the most unique thing about this park is the free parking and admission. All the rides are ticket-based. So, if you want to go to the park, eat some dinner, and ride three rides, that is literally all you are paying for. It is very family oriented, with plenty of rides for small children.

Our favorite thing to do there is go miniature golfing. They have an 18 hole course with many intriguing obstacles, such as windmills, hills, and wishing wells. Unfortunately I was so caught up in our round of golf that I did not get any pictures!


The one other thing we always do at Knoebels is get soft serve ice cream. It is creamy and delicious! They have the normal chocolate, twist, and vanilla. But what sets them apart from other ice cream places in our area is their orange, raspberry, and peanut butter soft serve. The flavors are available alone, or orange and raspberry can be swirled with vanilla, while peanut butter can be swirled with chocolate. I am very much a plain chocolate kind of girl!


Speaking of food, there are so many options of things to eat at Knoebels. Really. There is a sit-down restaurant called “The Alamo,” pizza, wings, spaghetti, pickles on a stick, funnel cakes, and so much more! We even saw people eating waffles folded around a block of Neapolitan ice cream! And there is a Starbucks! What better way to stroll around an amusement park than sipping on a vanilla sweet cream cold brew coffee!


There is a wide variety of rides as well. There are two wooden roller coasters (“Phoenix” and “Twister”), one trackless wooden roller coaster, and a new metal coaster called “Impulse.” Half of our family went on the Phoenix and the Impulse.



(They are actually in the car you can see in the picture above.) The Impulse has one hill in it that takes you straight up and straight down! After my husband got off the ride, it took him a little while to get his bearings about him!


A rather new thrill ride is the “StratosFear.” It pulls riders straight up along a metal structure, and then drops them straight down again. My husband and my brother’s girlfriend were brave enough to go on this ride.  You can watch the video on my YouTube channel!


There are a few water rides, one of which provides a giant tidal wave when one of the boats comes down the hill! There is also a large pool with diving boards and large water slides.


Some of our favorites are the antique cars and the train. (I think their real names are “Gasoline Alley” and “Pioneer Train” respectively, but we never call them by their actual names.)


The train takes passengers under water slides, through the Twister roller coaster, past part of the camp ground, and into the forest, where they have squirrel feeders set up.


Usually, there is at least one gray squirrel chomping away at the ears of corn, but not when we went on the ride.IMG_5398

There is also a tunnel, and I have fond memories of screaming the whole way through the tunnel as a little girl. Partly because I was scared, and partly because that’s just what you did!


There are haunted houses and coal mines, all kinds of rides that spin, and so many more! I really cannot name them all, but I can tell you I have many memories on so many of the rides!


The last ride of the evening that we went on was the ski lift. I do not know its real name. Again, we just make up our own! It is literally a ski lift that goes up the mountain across from the park.


The view is incredible!


There are carnival games scattered throughout the park. Games like “fling the frog onto a lily pad.” There is also a grandstand where many different bands and acts perform. “The Avalons” happened to be wrapping up their performance when we walked by. Two members of the band were pretending to be Sonny & Cher. It was comical!


There are nice, wooded campsites behind the park. There is a creek that runs through the campsites as well as the park. There are usually geese and fish that can be seen while looking over the edge of a covered bridge. This time, the water happened to be very muddy and cloudy, so we could not see any fish. Much of the park is covered in trees, making it a little more comfortable to walk around, even on scorching days.

There are also pavilions available for rental to hold picnics and gatherings. There are picnic tables around the outer edge of the park for anyone to sit at. We have already gotten a pizza on the way up and ate it at a picnic table before going to play miniature golf.


There are so many neat aspects to this amusement park! (By the way, no one is paying me to write this. These opinions are all my own.) If you have small children, there is an entire section of the park devoted to kids’ rides. If you are a thrill seeker, there are some crazy rides! If you just want to spend a leisurely day by the pool, that is possible. And the best part is, if you just want to go walk around, enjoy the outdoors, watch people go by, and eat some dinner, you can do that without paying a crazy admission price! You can really spend as much or as little money as you choose while you are there! So if you are bored and looking for a flexible little trip that everyone in your family can enjoy, Knoebels Amusement Park is a great suggestion!


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